Popular comedian of Afghan, Nazar Mohammad who was popular by his stage name Khasha Zwan was shot dead in Kandahar city, Afghanistan. A video is also going viral over the Internet where he was seen inside a car with Taliban terrorists before killing him. According to the reports, the comedian was suspected to killed by Taliban terrorists on Thursday, July 22 in Afghanistan and he was taken out from his house and shot by unidentified men. He used to serve the police in Kandahar before and his family claimed that there was a militants organization of Taliban behind his murder.

Nazar Mohammad was killed by Taliban terrorists

Who is Nazar Mohammad?

Along with this, some netizens are showing their condolence on the death of a comedian and paying tributes to him. According to the reports of media, he was being abducted from his own home and later, tortured and tied to a tree, and later, he was found lying on the road of Afghan.

A shocking video is also surfing on the Internet where Nazar Mohammad was seen in a car and surrounded by some terrorists with heavy-loaded guns. Also, the comedian had worked as a Policeman in the Shah Wali Kot District. Well, the Taliban had denied accepting that there is the involvement of us in this murder but his family is still claiming that the terrorist group killed him.

An Iranian journalist and author, Behrouz Boochani shared a sketch of a comedian on the Internet and wrote some words against Taliban terrorists. Many more people are condolence on the death of a comedian and asking for justice.

Khasha Zwan Was killed by Taliban Terrorists

Mohsin Dawar wrote,” Nazar Mohammad, an Afghan comedian in Kandahar, was dragged from his home by Taliban terrorists and then killed in cold blood. A man who brought smiles to many was killed brutally for being who he was. The world watched as Taliban continue with their atrocities against Afghans”.

Many more pictures and love messages for the comedian can be seen on the Internet and along with this, videos have gone viral on the Internet and millions of people are demanding justice.

Nazar Mohammad Real Name Wiki-Bio Age

Afghanistan is already facing lots of terrorist violence from the Taliban and after this deadly incident, the violence has seen increased in the country. Now, the investigation is going on and police are trying to find out the real cause behind this incident.


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