Apple the world’s high-priced tech brand had met with the audience last night during the special event including the launch of the new iMac, iPad Pro and more. It was noticed many times that Apple events are known for their product and outstanding technical upgrades but this time there is CEO Tim Cook who got in trend after this event. He starts getting popular like Tom Cruise. Yes, we are talking about Navpreet Kaloty. The Amazing part of this news is that he is the Engineer Program Manager at Apple’s iMac Production hub.

Who Is Navpreet Kaloty

Kaloty looks after Mac architecture at Apple and at the Spring Loaded event, he presented the camera capabilities on the new iMac to the world. Do you know? users get amazed due to the upgrades in products but as well as the dashing impressive personality of Navpreet Kaloty.

He is appreciated by many people for his calm and outstanding behavior over the camera. Another addition to his personality is his looks which are astonished due to his turban and beard. He is the first Sikh who appears in the Apple launch event.

Who is Navpreet Kaloty?

Navpreet Kaloty is an Engineer Program Manager at Cupertino Headquarter. He belongs from Punjab, India and Having 4 years of experience in Apple with the same designation. Besides this, he also worked in Tesla as the Product Management team for operational excellence.

If we talk about his education so Navpreet Kaloty completed his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2016 and then pursued his master’s from Harvard University in 2018.

Why Navpreet Kaloty Got Popular on Internet

Now it’s time to discover why he is getting popular as Tom Cruise. The marvellous dashing look of Navpreet Kaloty forces people to compare him with Tom Cruise. After the launch, the news and Apple Sikh set on all the social media and trending platforms. The launch of M1 chips in the iPad Pro is absolutely likely as the stunt by Hollywood action hero. People admire him for his confident look on camera especially when he introduced new upgrades like M1 chip in iPad Pro and other technical updates in Apple Macbook.


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