Another heartbreaking news hit the internet that shocked millions of people especially those who suffer from the most dangerous disease cancer. Yes, we are talking about Nandu Mahadeva who is very well known for encouraging all the patients who suffer from cancer. He gives lots of sympathy to all the patients to fight against cancer with full confidence. But, he was not able to get well from cancer and took his last breath in the early hours of Saturday. It is actually a piece of very shocking news for all those people who know him because he was a very reputed and prominent personality who create a large empire by his own efforts without any strong support.

Nandu Mahadeva

When he last breathed, he was at MVR Cancer Care center and the timing of his last alive was 03:30 AM. It is cleared that everyone who knows him is very shocked and completely stunned after knowing the heart-wrenching news. Let us also tell you that he was just 27 years old. He was a resident of Thiruvananthapuram, Bharathannur, and also well-known as the organizer of ‘Athijeevanam’. Mainly, he wants that if any person has the disease of cancer then he did not hide the disease rather openly speak up about the current situation that he or she facing.

To encourage all the people, Nandu Mahadeva sang songs, create videos, and post on social media to offering them good vibes to become happy with everything. The actual disease that he owns facing was bone cancer that was discovered when he was at the age of 24 years. After he gets about his disease then he decides to fight against it rather than sitting keep quiet with it. But, cancer affects his left foot that causes deduction of the entire part from the body. He boldly announced his disease on social media.

He said, “I am not hiding anything about cancer. I am treating it just as a cold”. After that, he regularly getting much attention from the audience, and also he got a lot of fan following. His biggest achievement was he raise 50 Lakh for his treatment only with the help of crowdfunding in just 12 hours. In the end, Nandu Mahadeva survived by his father Hari, mother Lekha, and siblings Ananthu and Saikrishna. Many people upset after hearing this saddest news because they didn’t expect this sudden demise of the most prominent and respected personality.


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