On Sunday, Israel got a new Prime Minister named Naftali Bennett, a symbol of many combinations of statements that define the 73-year-old nation. After parliament approved a new Government, Naftali Bennett becomes the new Prime Minister of Israel on Sunday. Before Naftali, Benjamin Netanyahu served the nation as Prime Minister of Israel for a long time of 12 years. Now, he lost his power and Naftali become the new prime minister of Israel and getting much attention from the public. The replacement of the Prime Minister of Israel took place on Sunday and the approval of this replacement is finalized by Knesset.

Naftali Bennett

Netanyahu was Israel’s most permanent prime minister and was facing a fraud trial that did not bring him major support after the general election held in March this year. The new Prime Minister is a hardline religious-nationalist, multi-millionaire former tech entrepreneur and former defense minister, Naftali Bennett. Another good thing is that centrist Yair Lapid will also replace Bennett for the post of PM after two consecutive years and this can happen as long as his party remains.

Let us also tell you that Naftali Bennett is a 49-year-old politician who earned millions before shifting his career to deeply entrenched politics.

While he was running his party named Yamina Party, said that he is the more perfect wing for the nation than Netanyahu. Apart from this, he does not use aversion or polarization as a medium to elevate himself in politics. Along with it, Bennett also served himself for Netanyahu as a superior aide during the period of 2006 and 2008. Later, he resigned from the party, and when his relationship with the former Prime Minister was not going well then he joined the Jewish Home party in the year 2013. After that, he joined parliament as the party’s spokesperson.

According to the people, Bennett is identified as a powerful advocate of the Jewish nation-state, and for maintaining Jewish traditional and spiritual rights in East Jerusalem as well as on the West Bank and for the Golan Heights, an area which is near the border. Israel-Syria was occupied by Israel in the 1967 war.

In addition, Bennett has adopted a strict policy towards Palestinian protesters and approved the death penalty for all. Bennett’s ascent to the prime minister is an obstacle for Palestinians who wish to consult for peace as well as an independent state. Now, if you want to know more updates on the same topic then stay tuned with us.


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