Here we are sharing a piece of shocking news with you that, Popular Iraqi You Tuber and Comedian Mohammed Al Eswai was supposed to shoot his 14-years old daughter passed away after she answered the door to a stranger. according to the report, Esawi’s daughter answered the door because she realized it was her brother.

Who is Mohammed Al Esawi

The stranger turned out to be a man who had proposed to the victim many times but was rejected. Here are several things for telling, you are on the right page for getting the right information about the news. We will try to cover all the details in this article. Let’s start the article. keep reading.

Who is Mohammed Al Esawi?

Esawi saw the two standing together and fired thrice at his daughter with his handgun. Two were planning something supposed by him. He filed the scene after killing his daughter. The man proposed to the victim many times but was rejected by the victim.

The crime took place in the presence of her mother, who tried very hard to prevent her husband from killing his daughter, but she was unable to stop him to do this wrong activity. After that, the father fled after murdering his daughter. On the basis of the Barsa police’ statement, they are investigating the crime and are searching for the famous You Tuber who is at large yet. Keep reading

That incident was unbelievable. The story is being narrated in various ways on the web with some saying the daughter opened the front door because she thought it was her brother ringing and not because of anything else. It is very shocking that the father shot his daughter point-blank, three times.

Famous Iraqi YouTuber Kills Daughter

According to the available report, His wife meanwhile pleaded with him but she was unable to stop him to do this, He was in anger he lost his temper completely. Which was Unbelievable!.

According to the report, many social media influencers committing violent crimes in the last months. Claire Miller, a 14 years-old Pennsylvania Tik Toker, has an allegation last year with criminal homicide for stabbing and murdering her sister, who was 19 years old girl.

Clarie likely spear her sister in the early hours of 22 February at their home near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We see many news come on the web and get viral at high speed, this is also one of them. Which is very scary for the public. Stay tuned for more updates.


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