Here we are sharing shocking news with you that Ex-Aussie Legend was Arrested for breaching Restaining order. As we know he is a successful person in his life. He has a reputed place in the community. He has played very well. he has a good fan following among the people.

michael slater

He played outstanding. Several people love his performance in the playground. Something is attractive in his cricket performance. But this time he is troubled from a tragic time. This is a tough situation for him. We will tell you all the information in this article.

Who is Michael Slater?

Michael Slater, a former Australian Test cricketer, has been detained on distrust of violating the terms of an apprehended Violence order, According to reports, Slater was served with a restraining order earlier this year after being arrested on charges of domestic violence and stalking as well.

His former partner levelled against him. Slater was detained on Wednesday morning after police in New South Wales received a complaint of an AVO Breach the night before and probably discovered him in violation of the order.

The 51-year-old was captive on Manny’s west Promenade. Slater was transported to the Manly Police Station, He has been charged with stalking, according to reports. he is expected to face external charges including a harassment offence as well.

Ex-Aussie Legend Arrested For Breaching Restraining Order Case Updates

The schedule of the former Test Player to materialize at Manly Law Court on Wednesday afternoon after being refused to grant police bail. This will be Slater’s second court appearance in a matter of two months.

The Wagga Wagga-born had previously been in court to face domestic violence charges, which was claimed by his former partner. According to the report, Slater accompanied his former partner on October 12 and 13. In November Slater was granted police bail and later appeared before a court.

Lawyer of Slater had told the court that he had gone to the hospital to see a psychiatric specialist, implying that the former cricketer is mentally ill. If we talk about another controversy this year, Slater was axed by channel seven as a member of its cricket commentary Team after he turned to social media to criticise

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison over rules concerning the movement of people amid the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic. If any update we get regarding this we will tell you first. Stay connected with us for more updates.


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