Who Is Michael Lenahan? Lorna Santiago Murder Case and Complete Dateline: Recently the news has come on the internet that Herald Sun, Michael Lenahan will finish his prison sentence for the 2007 slaying of 24-year-old Lorna Santiago in a Manhattan, New York, apartment. Lenahan, who was dependent on drugs, admitted to Manhattan that he was ” not a perfect person, but I am a nice person. This news is getting viral on the Internet and this news is gaining huge attention from the people. Many people are very curious to know about the news. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article, so let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Michael Lenahan

Who Is Michael Lenahan?

As per the prosecution, after killing Santiago, Lenahan spent two days looking at websites on sadomasochism and how to conserve corpses while also using her credit card to create alcoholic purchases. According to the report, Lenahan said to police had choked her to death accidentally and he just wanted to stop her from shouting and striking him during a fight after the corpse had been found. However, the defense asserted that Lenahan continued to commit crimes. You are on the right to getting the right information about the news, so please read the complete article.

Michael Lenahan

Presently, Michael Lenahan is still unaccounted for. His circumstances have been not reported in any current updates. It’s almost as if he disappeared into thin air. On 22 October 2007, he was charged with killing his date, Lorna, and keeping her body in his house for three days. While Michael Lenahan was not yet added to Wikipedia, it is believed that he is 43 years old. His age was decided based on the fact that he turned 31 in 2010. As long as Michael, a Chinese national, remains underground, there will not be much information about him.

At this time, Michael Lanahan must be unmarried. He kept his marital status and dating history private, though. Unlike others, he avoided the spotlight and kept his personal affairs secret. He was not married as he went on a dinner date with Lorna before stopping her. After strangling his dinner companion, Michael Lenahan let her body decay. A judge found jobless artist Michael guilty of murder on Tuesday for the strangling death of Lorna. The decomposing body of the latter was found in his Chinatown apartment three days after her death in October 2007. Here we have shared all the information which we had. Stay tuned for more updates.


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