Here we are sharing the news, which is getting viral on social media. A Colorado police officer has claimed that she was booted from the force after her OnlyFans account was discovered by her colleagues. She has been fired as a punishment.

Who IS Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams, a 28-year police veteran, was forced to ‘retire’ from the Arapahoe County sheriff’s office in Colorado. She was served in the job for more than a decade. Here are several things for telling about the matter, you are on the right page for knowing the right information. Here we will tell you the entire matter in this blog. Let’s continue the article. Keep reading.

Who Is Melissa Williams?

According to the report, the 46 years old woman said that she started posting her content on only fans in May 2020 in an attempt to spice up her sex life with her husband. ” Her personal sex life was entirely unrelated and never affected her capacity to do her job”, Williams told “he was in shock and panicking because he never wanted these twice parts of her life to clash while her resignation.

The report is she collects a $30,000 severance package to leave the force. Williams, who is known by the alias Lexi Bella (@the_real_bella_lexi) on OnlyFans pasted saucy images of herself and her husband. “A lot of the material her husband and shared by her is stuff they’d taken in their private sex life over the years”.

According to the mother of two, “She was working up to 60-hours weeks, so mostly her husband ran the page and posted her pictures and then many times they’d have fun dressing her up and taking pictures to share. That was just a fun way to relax, calm, and be creative together after a stressful week in a stressful life and job”.

William had to pay out 12 weeks with a doctor after her mental health issue worsen following the events. The advice by a doctor not to return to her previous job. Her lawyer and the local force put together a bifurcation package of $30,000 during her time off.

“As a police officer was fulfilling, exciting work. she loved her job – how could she go return to work in an environment like that? It was hard being a lady in the force. She added people were jealous of her success, attractiveness, and confidence,”.

The investigation is in the process after a complaint from a member of the public likely that she was “posing on a pornographic website and, in doing so, was bringing dishonor to the Sheriff’s office”. Stay connected for more updates.


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