Recently, a man has been arrested by the Alexandria police in the gruesome murder of his neighbor Melia Jones. The name of the man is David Cunningham who is 40 years old. The news went viral all over the internet. The dead body of the woman was found after three days of the murder.

Who Is Melia Jones

The killer wrapped the body in a blanket on December 4 by her dad and stepmom. The case become very big and many people continuously searching for it. There are uncounted people eagerly waiting to know what happened to the murderer who killed his neighbor and the reason behind this murder.

Who Is Melia Jones?

Prior to the assassination, Jones worked in customer service at Reagan National Airport, where she was identified as a twice-employee of the month. The apartment in which she was murdered was the first house she lived in alone. Let us also tell you that when her parents found the dead body of Jones, they also found that she was sexually assaulted, strangled, and got a bag over her head.

Not only this, but the prosecutor also noted the murder as a very violent murder as no one can think that they will find the girl wrapped in the blanket in such a dreaded condition.

Police officers who first arrived at the apartment said there were indications that someone had attempted to clean up the crime scene. The medical examiner gave the cause of death as strangulation.

Why Was David Cunningham Arrested?

Not only this, but the police also found the DNA of Cunningham all over the apartment and also in the nails of Jones. After an investigation, he has been charged with only one count of second-degree murder and is being held without bond. Along with it, his attorney Damon Colbert also said that he was in the apartment of Jones because they both were in a romantic relationship.

His attorney Colbert said, “This is a genuine whodunit. Because he was in her unit, they’ve now pinned this on him. This man should be allowed to go back to the community to fight for his life”. Defense counsel says his client testified continuously during the lengthy 5 1/2-hour interrogations.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, Maana Parcham, says Cunningham’s statements were unreliable, especially when asked about the nature of his relationship with the victim. Now, David Cunningham has been arrested for killing his neighbor Melia Jones.


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