Did Larry Nassar try to kill McKayla Maroney at 15, Really? former Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney has shared unbelievable shocking details about the amusement by gymnastic doctor Larry Nassar. Yes, absolutely we are also shocked after knowing this news. The Olympic gymnast shared that Nassar molested her and then tried to kill her allegedly.

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At that time she was just 15 years old. McKayla Maroney shares that sometimes we athletes do some things that other normal people never do. Here is the complete information that you should know about it.

Who is McKayla Maroney?

McKayla Maroney revealed that she was just 15 when Nassar gave her a sleeping pill on the flight. The incident happened during the 2012 Olympic journey. She shared a statement in this regard “We never said we’re being molested, but we would say, ‘It’s like we’re being fingered.’ We’d even say it was time to go get fingered by Larry. But we were 13 and didn’t even know what being fingered was at the time. We were really young and naïve from living in a gym,”.

McKayla Maroney’s full name is McKayla Rose Maroney. She is an American retired artistic gymnast and singer. Even she was a member if the American women’s gymnastics team. She has participated in the 2012 Olympics as well where she won a gold medal for the team and nation as well.

McKayla Maroney was born on December 9, 1995, and now she is 25 years old. However, she has taken retirement from gymnastics in the year 2016.

While Larry Nassar appeared in media in the year 2017 as a serial rapist and sex offender. The charges have been initiated by police on behalf of the case because he sexually assaults over 265 women and girls associated with the US gymnastics team. It is seriously shameful because the department had chosen him as a doctor to take care of players. Due to the charges, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

On the other side, if we talk about the current place then we want to tell you. Now he is serving his sentence at a federal prison. Even we got another news that former team USA coach John Geddert also committed suicide when he was accused of abusing a young female gymnast.

The details about McKayla Maroney case have been confirmed by personality. Possibly she revealed this info because it was true. Nobody can share that type of sensitive news until the person suffering from the incident. Most probably, the sexual assault with McKayla Maroney affected her life and she can’t forget it, even after 10 years. The remaining details will be confirmed once it comes in our knowledge.


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