Who Is Matthew McIlravy? Pilot Point Mayor Arrested Charges Explained: In this article, we will be talking about the recent arrest that has been on the news. This arrest is related to an undercover operation by the Dallas Police which led to the arrest of a 42-year-old man. The man was the Pilot Point’s new mayor, Matt Mcilravy who was involved in the solicitation of a child which is a second-degree crime as per the law. This was the result of a long undercover investigation on the mayor that was being done by the Dallas Police Department’s ICAC Unit which is the top agency in the North Texas ICAC Task Force. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Pilot Point Mayor Arrested

Who Is Matthew McIlravy?

The warrant was executed by law enforcement, as stated by the Pilot Point City Manager. The execution came at the time when Mcilracy was present at the City Hall. The officials from the law enforcement said that the investigation revealed many disturbing facts that related to the mayor having communications with minors. However, they haven’t identified the minors yet. He was elected as the mayor in May and his wife is working as a teacher.

Pilot Point Mayor Arrested

Mcilravy was arrested at the City Hall Building of Pilot Point. As of now, the matter is being handled by the non-city agencies and there is not much information revealed by them. The investigation started as there were reports received by the agency that made them conduct deep and thorough research of the issue at hand. This led them to the point where they established the mayor had contact with a 14-year-old minor and had some disturbing conversations. They had revealed some shocking stories that could not be heard and tolerated by anyone if they get to hear them.

Why was Pilot Point Mayor Arrested?

The arrest also shed light on the department’s action regarding Internet crimes against the children’s unit and also the help of the U.S Marshals Task Force, the Homeland Security Investigations, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Collin County District Attorney’s office. You can see that a lot of big agencies were involved in the case and they had every reason to. Given that the person in question was an influential one. If they had not been undercover then they would not have been able to find evidence against him and he would have escaped the clutches of investigation and justice.

The family of the kid must have been worried as the mayor could have influenced them but thanks to the investigation being done undercover he had no idea and was arrested only after getting conclusive evidence. We will update you like more details on his trials are revealed.


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