Here, we get another tragic incident that happened at the Waukesha Parade in Wisconsin. After the accident happened, several people were injured and many people have also met fatalities. Let us tell you that the accident involved an SUV which directly went into a parade and tried to run over a huge crowd of people.

Rapper MathBoi Fly

The accident that happened at the place was actually very tragic and horrific which is not appearing like a mistake. We are saying this because the vehicle has been escaped after the accident.

Who Is MathBoi Fly?

Talking about the suspect in the case, the SUV has been registered to a man named Darrell E. Brooks Jr. The name is quite famous all over the world as he is well-known as a Rapper MathBoi Fly. After the incident, several children, elder people, and youngsters have got serious injuries.

Along with it, many people were confirmed to be dead when the police found the crowd in a very devastating situation. Let us tell you that Rapper Mathboi Fly, real name Darrell E. Brooks, is an American rapper who is currently involved in several dangerous crimes and offenses.

Talking about the age of the rapper, he is revealed to be 39 years old but there is no official information available related to his date of birth. This incident actually put him in a very difficult situation in which he collapsed properly and could not bring himself out of the case.

Rapper Darrell e Brooks Jr Arrested

He has cases of drug territory, obstructing an officer, felony, endangering security by second-degree negligence, and many more. So far, Rapper MathBoi is the prime suspect for the Waukesha Accident that happened in Wisconsin.

The reports confirmed that a red SUV drove into a crowd and injured 12 children and 11 elderly people and even left some dead. Till now the exact number of people who lost their lives in this incident has not come but we are sure that the count is more.

The Age Of Darryl Brooks?

Talking about the net worth of the rapper, it is expected to be $50,000. So, the accident that happened in Waukesha Accident in Wisconsin put Rapper MathBoi Fly on the list of the prime suspect who did this and killed several people by his red SUV. So, what will happen next has not been revealed yet and we will update all the details when we get any detail.


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