Another heart-wrenching news has come from Kabul Airport, the family of 14 years old girl killed in a stampede has released the shocking photograph of her wrapped body. The family has secured visas to start a new life in Tajikistan but during they going to pick their flight, the stampede make them separate from her daughter and it becomes the cause of the death of a 14 years old girl.

Who was Marzia Rahmati

The teenager was not able to confront the stampede and lost her life because of several injuries she gets. At the airport, hundreds of Afghans have been trying to find flights in the wake of Taliban forces taking over the city.

As per the sources, 12 people have been killed in Hamid Karzai International Airport since the Taliban took control of the capital. The cause of deaths behind all the deaths that happened in the place so far is either a stampede of people trying to get into the airport to take flight or by gunshots in the area.

Several videos in which people continuously running with the plane have gone viral. In several videos, people are falling from the moving plane, and many videos show in which viewers can easily hear gunshots fired by some people at the airport.

If we talk about the girl who lost her life in a stampede at the airport during she leaving the capital with her family and trying to pick the plane. On the day, when Marzia and her family reached the airport to pick their flight, another sound of gunfire make Marzia separated from his family.

After that, she fell down to the ground and gives her several internal injuries that become the cause of her death. Rahmati’s aunt, Zakia Ahmadi who is 28 years old said from the side of the family and said that the family is completely devastated by her death.

She further said that “We want people to see what is really happening here right now, a little girl is dead because the world turned away from us. My sister Fatima, Marzia’s mother, and her family wanted their daughter to continue her education, and were worried that wouldn’t be possible under the Taliban”.

Now, the news of her death actually shattered everyone as no one can expect this dreaded incident in which a 14 years old girl lost her life because of a stampede. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the current incident.


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