The increasing cases of the virus have made everyone very disturbed in which some reputed stars also taking all the precautions to make themselves secure from this pandemic. Recently, a big incident has taken place during a flight in which a woman Marisa Fotieo was tested positive for COVID-19 in between the flight.

Who is Marisa Fotieo

Let us tell you that she was flying to Iceland when her throat suddenly starts to hurt over an hour into the flight. The rapid COVID-19 test was taken by the officials and two lines appeared indicating that she was infected.

Who is Marisa Fotieo?

When the rapid COVID-19 test was completed, the woman immediately locked herself in the bathroom as she did not want to spread the virus among the other 150 passengers who travel with her on the same flight. Let us also tell you that she was boarded the flight from New Jersey that was due to land in Iceland.

When the flight take off, she was inside the flight and suddenly her throat acted strangely and she locked herself in the bathroom to secure other passengers from the deadly virus. Posting her ‘hotel suite’ on Twitter, she spent the rest of her flight in a cramped bathroom.

In an interview, she said, “There are 150 people on the flight, and my biggest fear was giving it to them”. When she was inside the flight, she create a video and share her experience inside the bathroom in the airplane on 21st December 2021. After that, the video has crossed over 4 million views and it has been shared by several people all over the world.

The girl shows her sharp mind and locked herself inside the bathroom to not to spread the virus among other passengers. All the watchers who already watched the video also put comments on her video.

The video continuously gets viral on the internet and various spectators constantly watching it. Let us also tell you that the woman has spent 5 hours in the airplane bathroom after testing positive for COVID-19. The name of the passenger was identified as Marisa Fotieo and she got pain in her throat in the middle on the way to Iceland on a flight.

When it has been confirmed that she is tested positive, she immediately take a decision and locked herself inside an airplane bathroom for over 5 hours. It will be actually very exciting to hear about her experience with this flight.


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