Who is Maddy Wilford? Parkland at Douglas High School Shooting Survivor: An incident which happened a year ago in Parkland at Douglas High School in which Maddy Wilford was also presented in that school and she saw and heard many things which can scare you. But she survived this horrific incident and she shared her experience while she was there. She also survived after having three bullets in her body and she survived and gave the life sign to the police. But some are saying that she is dead and want to know more about her and whether she is dead or not. So we have mentioned details about her which will clear all your doubts. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Maddy Wilford

Who Is Maddy Wilford?

She is the survivor who was there when the shooting was happening in the Stoneman Douglas High School and she shared her experience that three bullets tore through her abdomen and her lungs and the third bullet hit her on her right arm and she was bleeding badly and her father was in Nashville when this shooting was happening and he was thinking whether she is alive or not. She wanted to be a doctor and was studying for the same but this incident shocked her panic.

Is Maddy Wilford Dead Or Alive?

Well, she is not dead and she is fit and fine and doing great. People thought that she is dead because in a shooting held in a school and the gunman shot her with three bullets and the blood was coming off her body and things started to blackout. She survived those bullets and now she is alright, she also shared her experience as she thought that now she is going to die and now she can’t complete her dreams as she wants to be a doctor. Then she was sent to the hospital and have wounds on her body but she is all okay.

That incident has taken the lives of 14 children and three adults. She was so strong that she face all this and survived. She is now known as the strong woman of Parkland and many news channels take interview her and her brother John who was also part of this shooting he was also involved with her and saved her. Stay connected with us for more latest updates & information on Entertainment, Technology, Science, and many more.


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