Recently, a video went viral on social media in which a guy appearing whom everyone trolling now after seeing the video. The name of the guy is Logan Van Dorn and everyone knows that he is a very famous personality. A TikTok account @ggarbagefairy has shared a video in which Logan was seen lecturing and harassing a group of girls about their “too” revealing clothes.

who is logan van dorn

The TikTok Beach Video went viral on social media in which a man goes to a group of girls and the name of the man is Logan Van Dorn who is from Colorado. Many people continuously talking about the incident that happened at the beach.

Who is Logan Van Dorn?

Talking about Logan, his social media posts and accounts shows that he is an extremely religious man with a strong faith in Jesus. Along with it, his social media also stated that he is a fan of Basketball and involved in a band. He usually sings at religious events but the video that went viral on social media shows quite a different personality of Logan.

He questioning the dressing sense of teenage girls at Colorado beach who wearing bikinis on the hot summer days. Then, Jesus’ man then indicates to the swimwear as a thong and debates his freedom of expression.

Then he suggests the girls consider the kids at the beach. When the video of the beach went viral and crosses 3 million views, Logan also shared another video on his Instagram account and said the side story of the incident.

TikTok Beach Video Viral On Social Media

The story that he stated in his Instagram account said Logan and his family went to Colorado beach for paddle boarding and the family members didn’t like that the young kids watching the teenage girls in their swimsuits. Then, Logan decides to confront the girls not to wear “Bra” in public places such as the beach. Later, he refused to apologize for his behavior towards the group of girls.

Logan Van Dorn has 1180 followers on his Instagram account and he thanks God for giving him victory. The exact age of the man has not been disclosed yet but after looking at his personality, he might be in his mid-30s. Currently, he is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Mariah and they both will tie a knot with each other soon.

Now, the video went viral with the name of TikTok Beach Video in which Logan Van Dorn appearing yelling at a group of nine girls who wearing too short clothes at the beach where several kids and families also enjoying their day.


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