After the search of 20 days, a serial killer Lázaro Barbosa killed after several shots between pistol and rifle shots. This Monday, a piece of very big news hitting the internet that the criminal lost his life in an encounter. The searches to get Fotos Lazaro Morto has been increased and millions of people all over the world regularly trying to understanding the entire matter. Now, the complete incident is here explained and you will get every detail that you are searching for. The official Nelson Massini, professor of Legal Medicine at UERJ confirmed that Lazaro Barbosa killed this Monday with more than 20 shots.

Who is Lázaro Barbosa

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The incident that happened this Monday was actually terrifying as the police have no alternative except to firing back. The criminal Lázaro Barbosa starts firing fully armed at the special forces and forces the police to fight back with him. The expert who possibly see the pictures and the dead body of the criminal confirmed that

it is not possible to count the exact amount of shots by the police. Not only this, but the experts also clarify that the criminal was got 3 rifle shots in the head. The news of Lázaro Morto increases the buzz among several social media platforms and regularly the number of searches increasing with its hype.

Imagens Lazaro Morto

Lázaro reportedly threatened the police when he was seen at Águas Lindas, where he had reportedly gone to the home of his former mother-in-law and his ex-wife. The police also confirmed that the serial killer was alive in Ambulance but he died in hospital. Normally, people looking forward to seeing Imagens Lazaro Morto because everyone eager to see him before and after the encounter.

The confirmed statement of Nelson Massini said that “In the head, it was three rifle shots. I think you have both weapons. On the chest, it gives the impression of a pistol. But in the head, because of the damage, it was what we call a high-energy projectile”.

The incident started on Sunday as the police got the report of seen Lázaro Barbosa. Just after that, the police start to encircle the area with the help of helicopters and sniffer dogs. In the morning around 8 AM, the wife of Lázaro was taken to the Regional Civil Police Precinct but the criminal was at the residence.

Video Lazaro Morto

Later, Lázaro also trying to escape with the help of the forest behind the residence. But, the police caught him when he starts firing on the police officers. Some Video Lázaro Morto went viral on social media and many people keen to watch the encounter of the serial killer.


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