Engish sports presenter and big celebrity of America, Laura Woods is known for her beauty and way of entertaining the audience with her appearance in some popular TV channels. The presenter has gained massive popularity on the Internet among netizens and because of this, her fans always follow her on social media. She is too pretty as everyone loves to know about her especially her fans. She specializes in covering some sports news including the English Premier League. Currently, the presenter is working for Sky Sports and as a host of the popular talkSPORT breakfast show.

Who is Laura Woods's

Because of her appearance in several shows, the actress gained a huge fan base and everyone loves to watch her on the big screen. Well, since she got her fame, every fan wants to know about her and her personal life. She began her career at Sky Sports in 2009 and later, became an editorial assistant, presenter, and producer of the channel. Being a star of Sky Sports, she has also appeared in DAZN, and ITV as an employee. She studied print journalism at Kingston University. Woods also got a job on the Saturday morning kid’s show Game Changers. In 2018, she became a regular pitch-slider reporter on Super Sunday with Gary Neville.

 Who Is Laura Woods New Boyfriend? 

Since she gained her popularity, many people are stunned to see the actress on the Internet every day and want to know about her personal life. Currently, the presenter is capturing huge attention among fans because they want to know about her new boyfriend. She is single or committed? it is still a mystery for most of the people. She just move from her recent relationship and many are curious to know about her fresh relationship.

She married to Alex Corbisiero who is a retired professional English Rugby player and her ex-boyfriend as well. According to the sources, the couple date for around 8 years. After their breakup, Laura said that living with Alex was like a pocket and after their breakup, it feels like she is in the air. We like to tell everyone that she revealed that she is still a single lady who has not found new boyfriend.

She recently tweeted where she told that teasing people about her relationship is enjoyable. But, it is still unclear that who is a new partner of Laura. Laura is a 34-years-old beautiful lady and was born in Dagenham, England. Stay tuned with us for more update.


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