Larry DeLeon is currently becoming a hot topic on every single social media platform because everyone wants to know that what happened with him? Is he arrested or not? Well, let us tell you that Larry DeLeon is a convicted murderer.


According to the sources, he was charged with the murder of a man whose name was Joseph Comunale from Connecticut. As per the file reports, he was 26-years-old at the time of his death. Larry DeLeon aka Lawrence Dellione is the main suspect of the murder case of Joey Comunale.

Who Is Larry DeLeon?

Now, Larry DeLeon has been accused of brutally murdering Joseph Comunale. The whole incident was reported in the year 2016 when a 26-years-old Joseph Comunale went missing after doing a party with his friends. The reports told that he was living in an apartment on East 59th Street.

Later, the lifeless body of Joseph was found buried in Oceanport, NJ. When the forensic report was revealed, the police told us that he died from several knife stab wounds on his body. Later, the investigation began and two suspects were arrested by police, DeLeon and his friend, James Rackover.

Police also believed at the time that they had slaughtered Comunale after a fight. Due to the amount of cocaine, two people got into a heated argument and their argument turned into a fight.

Why Was Larry DeLeon Arrested?

The forensic reports said that Joseph was stabbed 15 times until he took his last breath on the spot. To keep it secret and hide the crime, the criminal pick up his dead body and dumped in a shallow grave. Later, the entire place was burned to damage all the proofs of the spot.

Every single detail was tried to remove from the spot which was looking like Oxygen’s new series titled New York Homicide. Many people want to know that what is happening with Larry DeLeon? Is he arrested or not yet?

Now, he has been arrested for first-degree murder. He is going to be punished for the next 23 years in prison alongside his fellow friend, James Rackover. On the other side, their other friend, Max Gemma will have to stay in prison for the next six months for covering the incident.

They were already prime targets when the dirty-bloody clothes of Comunale were found in the dustbin. Soon, it was announced that DeLeon was the main suspect of this murder and he killed Joseph. DeLeon was taken to prison on February 6, 2019.


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