Another big news coming from Florida that an 18 years old Kennesaw State Football player was killed after a shooting. The name of the player is Ladarius Clardy who found shot dead in a car. The player was found dead early on Thursday morning. The player was found in the driver’s seat along with a 19 years old passenger who found in Clardy’s car. The passenger was immediately rushed to the hospital with multiple wounds of gunshots. On the other hand, the player was immediately lost his breath and leaves everyone in the world.

ladarius clardy

The incident happened near Pensacola. In the news conference, Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons said that “That name should be familiar to some of us from this area. He had a bright athletic history and a bright athletic future”. On the other hand, Clardy is listed on the KSU website as a sophomore after appeared in two games during the 2020 session. After the news hit the internet, all the people are mourning the sudden death of the prominent player.

The fan following of the player is also very high and millions of people all over the world are looking forward to knowing the main reason behind his death.

If we talk about the confirmed statement of KSU head football coach Brian Bohannon then he said “Ladarius was an excellent teammate and left a mark on this program with his positive attitude. He will be deeply missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ladarius’ family at this difficult time”. His family members and close ones are mourning over his sudden death and suffering from a very terrific time.

Many people and famous personalities paying soulful and emotional tributes to the basketball player. It is cleared that the player is gone too soon and millions of people all over the world are very upset after knowing the saddest news.

The investigation is going on and the police are trying to get all the details related to the incident. Ladarius Clardy has found dead early Thursday morning when he was near Pensacola in his car. He was shot by 50 rounds which were actually very heavy attacks on the player.

Not only this but a passenger who also available in the car was very injured after the attack but he is still alive. He is also got several major injuries and his treatment is going on. Otherwise, Ladarius Clardy is no more and a gun attack kept his life after firing 50 rounds.


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