Belarus Sprinter, Krystsina Tsimanouskaya has appeared in many competitions in the last several years. Now, recently viral news can be seen over the Internet where Krystsina has become the main point of the viral news. Yes, the experience of the sprinter was not enough good in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as planned by her and the team.

Krystsina Tsimanouskaya WIki-Bio

According to the reports, the sprinter was asked to go back to her home, and also, the sprinter shared this with her fans and explained all the things about this news. Krystsina took the support of Instagram and explained why she was forced to go back to her country.

Recently, Krystsina Tsimanouskaya revealed through her Instagram account that why she was asked to leave Tokyo or Olympics games by her own coaches. Now, let’s find out the reason behind this incident and why she was forced to go back? Well, the news is surfing on the Internet for the last day as on August 2 and maybe, the reason behind this action was her recent post.

Instagram Explored Of Belarusian Sprinter

The Sprinter took a part in a race on July 30 and she ran in 100 metres heats race. With this event, many fans and also Krystsina was expecting that she will take part in 200 metres heat race and 4X400 metres relay race. While, Krystsina claimed that because of her recent post on Instagram, she was taken out from these two events.

In a video, she spoke about the negligence of her coaches. She revealed that she was asked by them to take part in the relay race after some girls in the Olympics games were found ineligible to take part in the games.

She said in a post that some our the girls did not allow to take part in the 4X400 relay because they didn’t have a proper doping test and my coach added me to the list without informing me. I also spoke about this publicly but the head coach came to me and said that the order had been come from above to take out me.

The Haneda Airport Incident

According to the reports, On Sunday, August 1, Krystsina asked help from the Japanese police at Haneda airport when she was forced to leave Tokyo. After this, on August 02, it was revealed by Internal Olympic Committee that Krystsina was taken to the Haneda Airport with the staff member of our community.

Another statement revealed that Krystsina told us she is feeling safe now and at the same time our team promised us that they will stay in touch with her.

She has been taken part in various competitions since 2015 and along with this, she has shown amazing improvement in her game and because of this, she got huge fame across the world. The athlete won a silver medal in a race of 100 metres at the 2017 European U23 Championship and another silver won by her in the 2019 European Games event.


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