You all will be very surprised to know that the most controversial story has been repeated once again. Kamlesh Tiwari’s murder case has come into the limelight because in the same way another boy has been brutally murdered. This time Kishan Bharwad is in place of Kamlesh but the people who killed him belong to the same community that killed Kamlesh.

who is kishan bharwad

At present, the whole country is in deep silence as we do not take steps to support our community but they did and hence they killed two Hindus for a very small matter. The incident started with the same hook and ended the same as Kamlesh Tiwari’s story.

Who is Kishan Bharwad?

Kishan Bharwad, a Hindu boy who was only 27 years old was brutally murdered by some Muslims because of a Facebook Post. It is not a very big issue that ended up by killing someone. But, those three people from the Muslim community took a small matter to a much bigger issue.

Let us tell you that Kishan Bharwad shared a Facebook post that was believed to be contemptuous by the Muslim community. As per our legal action, Kishan was arrested for sharing such types of posts on social media after which he also apologized to the entire community.

But, this was not enough for them and they took such a dangerous step to take revenge on him. Kishan Bharwad was just 27 years old and a father to his daughter who is just a few months old. Some of the names of the accused that come to the fore include Shabbir, Imtiyaz, and Maulana Ayyub.

Kishan Bharwad Murder Case

So far, the police arrested 3 people in Gujarat’s Dhandhuka. The police also claimed that Cleric Maulana was the leader of the three who encouraged the other two to kill Kishan. Not only this, but Maulana also provides a revolver and 5 bullets to kill the Hindu boy.

The unfortunate incident took place in the Dhandhuka district of Ahmedabad. Let us also tell you that Kishan Bharwad was on his way home on his two-wheeler and then two bikers came and shot at him. He fall down from the bike and died on the spot.

Talking about the video shared by Kishan, the video shows Jesus and Mohammad are not the actual god but, the son and the messenger of God respectively. But Bhagwan Shri Krishna is the Supreme God. The video was seen to be blasphemy by the Muslim community and because Islam justifies killing for sacrilege, Kishan Bharwad was executed.


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