A piece of very interesting and exciting news is hitting the internet that the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS) has chosen a 32 years old girl who is well-known for her professionalism as an old researcher, author, and social media influencer. Now, the authority selects the girl to head to space on a flight with Virgin Galactic. Now, the name of the personality is Kellie Gerardi which is a researcher, citizen scientist and STEM influencer. Gerardi will conduct several experiments on his flight. If we talk about the experiments then it focuses on healthcare technologies.

Who is Kellie Gerardi

Who is Kellie Gerardi?

Let us tell you that the celebrity born on February 16, 1989 in Jupiter, Florida. She is an aerospace, defence, and technology professional and a popular science communicator. Not only this, but Gerardi is a citizen-scientist and conducts bioastronautics research and spacesuit evaluation.

If we talk about the current job of the Kellie Gerardi then she is working as a Director of The Explorers Club. Along with it, she also serves on the Defense Council for the Truman National Security Project. Now, the celebrity will be going to take a flight to space with Virgin Galactic.

She has written a children’s picture book series titled ‘Not Needy Rocket Science: A Beginner’s Guide to Life in the Space Age’ and ‘Luna Muna’. Gerardi has huge followers on Instagram and Tiktok. Gerardi has flown on several previous parabolic research flights, which are high-altitude aircraft flights that explore the low gravity environment of space.

However, this will be their first voyage into space, and this transition marks the benefits Virgin Galactic hopes to be able to offer to researchers who have previously conducted their work in simulated zero-G conditions.

TikTok & Influencer To Join Virgin Galactic Space

“I think it would be very fitting for me to say that I would never have dreamed of it, but it just won’t come true,” she told The Post. “The reality is I’ve dreamed it . . . In detail every single day for the past decade.” “I’m so grateful for Richard Branson’s vision of democratizing access to space,”

she said of the billionaire , which he is said to have been shooting himself in a rocket on Sunday, July 11. Now, Kellie Gerardi is the lucky woman who will be going to head to space on a flight with Virgin Galactic. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming updates.


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