We have found lots of controversies or any kind of leaked video on the platforms and because of these trending images or videos, the people also capture huge attention on social media. Well, let us clear you that if another woman steals your man so, from then, a new war begins.

TikToker Shames Cheating Husband Caught Kissing

Well, a woman from the US has taken this anonymous quote seriously. Being cheated by her husband, she also recorded the video of her husband and shared on the TikTok platform. Kaylie Kristina caught her husband kissing his mistress on the doorbell camera in October.

Who Is Kaylie Kristina?

Later, the women made headlines by creating a TikTok video from the camera footage with the text, that reads,” when your husband is too sick to go on the family trip you planned”. After the video went viral on social media, it captured the huge attention of the people. People also praise Kristina’s way of seeking revenge.

If we talk about similar incidents, an Arizona-based woman discovered her husband who was cheating on her in a strange way. A 28-year-old woman was with her friend who was pregnant and admitted to the hospital. The women found that a newborn baby was his love child. Many more incidents like this have already taken place.

According to the sources, Kristina is also known as @kaylie271 on TikTok, shared black and white footage from her doorbell camera. It was believed that her husband and his mistress enjoyed a romantic moment inside the house.

Divorce Babe Divorce Trending on Internet

After he went off the house and checked the neighborhood to ensure that the coast was clear before his mistress walked out of the house. At the time, husband of Kristina was totally leaning in a kiss with his mistress while her hand is on her butt.

Later, the video was shared by his wife, Kaylie Kristina with hashtags #cheater and #garbage and the video gained more than 5 million views soon. Kaylie wrote in the comment that he thought the camera was off or disabled. Kaylie also mentioned that her husband was not the sharpest tool in the shed after she caught him on a camera that was installed by himself.

Kaylie also found a lot support from online platforms and a woman also advised “Divorce Babe Divorce”. Later, those three words went viral on social media and shared by millions of people on Twitter which become trend later.


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