Who Is Kalpana Dua? Mrs India World 2022’s: Indian cinema and Indians both are very popular in the entire world for their work. Similarly, the hard work and dedication which is being shown by the Indians are nothing but extraordinary and it is clear as water that there is no country that may compete in many sectors. As like in the competition Mrs. India is going back with spicy updates such as Kalpana Dua is set to back.

Who Is Kalpana Dua Mrs India World 2022's Semi-Finalist Mrs India Inc Is Back With Grand Finale Competitors

There is a myth and people believe in it that women are born only for doing household work. We all have many examples who are bent on denying this orthodox thinking such as Kalpana Chawla, ex-chief minister of Delhi Sheela Dixit as well as Former President of India Pratibha Devi Singh Patil. These ladies felt the same thing so they will not roar in front of the world as they have done and doing. Who Is Kalpana Dua? Mrs India World 2022’s

Who Is Kalpana Dua From Mrs India World 2022 Semi-Finalist

Modeling has become part of the furniture of the life of individuals. People are fond of exploring their talent on the behalf of modeling. That is why there are many platforms that are started for married women such as Mrs. India. The people who follow this event on a daily basis must be in swim about Kalpana Dua. This year did a lot of work in the last event of Mrs, India but unfortunately, she did not win this event and got second place in this tournament.

As per the latest report, Kalpana Dua is about to participate again in this event. The fans of this event encouraged her on their social media handles. People hope for good results and believe that she will not repeat those mistakes that she did in the last event of Mrs. India. No doubt she is dam pretty and beautiful. According to the sources Kalpana Dua is from Delhi but this has not been confirmed by her and her friends.

The final chapter of the show is going to be held on 15 June 2022 at NESCO Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai. She is expected to win this event and try to set an example for those who can be the next Mrs. India but due to a lack of confidence and Orthodox thoughts, they are behind the curtain. It will be a little easy for her because she has tackled it before this year too. Our entire team will support her and her fans and her family want to see her as a winner of Mrs. 2022.

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