The TikTok platform is mainly known as one of the most amazing and creative content platforms for all the users around the world except India. Currently, the platform is banned in India and several people are creating some amazing content on the platforms and sharing their content. Every day, the platforms found some creative content creators who mainly used the platform to entertain others.

what is kallmekris full name

Currently, another TikToker is going viral on the Internet and mostly, everyone wants to know about the growing creator of the platform. Kris Collins is better known as Kallmekris. If you want to know about her, keep reading this article.

Who is Kallmekris on TikTok?

Kallmekris is a Canadian social influencer and TikTok star who has been trending in recent days because of various reasons. We have some important information related to the growing star of the platform and people are much excited to know about her.

Let us tell you that Kallmekris is a popular TikTok star who gained an amazing fan following around the world. Because of her pretty look and beautiful skin glow, she has become a popular personality. Her TikTok video can make everyone laugh and slay at the same time.

Most of the fans love to search about their favorite TikTok creator as they want to follow them on social media to watch their upcoming videos. If you are a TikTok lover so, you might know the fanbase and popularity behind her amazing videos. So, let’s find out more about Kallmekris and her real name.

What Is Kallmekris Real Name?

Canadian TikToker is one of the popular stars on TikTok in recent days and everyone is more excited to know her real name and personal details. So, let us tell you that her real name is Kris Collins. According to the sources, she worked as a hairdresser before she started her content-creating activities on the platform.

Well, it did not take much time to earn a big name on social media and gain a huge number of followers. Along with this, she has vast number of followers on her TikTok account and her TikTok videos gained more than 1 million views. Mainly, she focuses on her comedy sketches where she love to play different characters.

Kallmekris Sexuality Disclosed

Everyone knows that when popularity knocks on the door of someone’s, many speculations started to appear on the Internet which is disgusting but we just want to clear everyone’s doubt regarding to the speculation. Most of the people are searching about her sexuality. So, let us tell you that she is straight and currently dating her boyfriend named Aron Brown.

The couple are together for the last six years and the star also disclosed that they also went on her birthday to watch the Mad Max Fury Road movie. She is 25-years-old and was born on July 1, 1996. Kallmekris love to live with her siblings and three sisters named Kara Lee, Arica, and Jesica.


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