It is saddened to announce the passing of a beautiful lady and a well-known Thai billionaire, Kae Leaderae. Yes, the CEO of a large clinic passed away at the age of 30. According to the sources, the beautiful lady committed suicide after jumping from her own clinic building.

who was kae leaderae

Everyone in the world is starting their new life with a new year but Kae Leaderae has another intention and took his hilarious step. The incident took place on Sunday, January 2, 2022. Along with this, Kae Leaderae was also known as Miss Sexy who jumped from her own clinic building on Sunday.

Who Was Kae Leaderae?

Some of the sources are believing that she was taken to the hospital but died hours after being admitted to the hospital. The cause behind this hilarious step from the CEO is unknown but the investigators are trying to find out the cause behind this.

The news of her passing was confirmed via a Facebook post by Finn Linn, which reads,” Pretty Pictures, wealth, position, and all of these outside things are not sure that they can buy mental happiness for people. Please be satisfied with what you have, don’t compare your life with others, because we can only look at the picture that we see from the outside, we do not know the reality”. 

Kae Leaderae was a well-known personality of Thailand who achieved lots of things in her life. She was considered a millionaire in Thailand. Along with this, she was also famous for her amazing beauty and impressive personality. She had no Wikipedia page but still, she was listed among one of the most talented and wealthiest female CEO of Thailand.

Thailand’s Miss $exy and CEO Kae Leaderae

She owned a large clinic in Thailand and graduated with a Doctor of Cosmetology. She also won the title CEO Leard Award in 2018 and is best known as Miss Sexy in Thailand. On January 2, 2022, she jumped from the building of her own clinic and took her last breath in the hospital the next day.

In her last interview, which was held a day before to make identical accusations against Aerk, where she informed her presenter that it would be the last time for her fans to see her. After the news of her demise went viral on social media, many fans got shocked and expressed their sorrow through posts on Twitter and other social media platforms.

On the other side, the information suggested that Kae Leaderae had net worth of around $10 to $15 million. She must have income in millions as she was pretty and always looks brilliant with her lifestyle. She will be always remembered by her fans and family.


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