Northville Dr. Jumana Nagarwala may be the only doctor on trial in the United States for performing female genital amputations on minor girls. Apart from this, federal prosecutors confirmed that Nagarwala is not the only doctor who was involved in cutting children.

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Along with it, the statements claimed that Nagarwala is a part of the secret network of physicians. They are confirmed that in the incident, some more doctors and physicians might be included and run an illegal network. The officials claimed that a tight-knit Indian community cut 7-years-old girls as part of religious obligations.

Is Jumana Nagarwala Arrested?

So far, a Detriot doctor, Jumana Nagarwala was arrested for performing female genital mutilation on minor girls. The incident for what we are talking about has happened three years ago. The main suspect of the case is Northville doctor Jumana Nagarwala who allegedly cut the clitoral hoods of two 7-years-old girls because of the request of their mother.

So far, the officials confirmed that he was a part of a secret network of physicians, a tight-knit Indian community. Community is based on religious obligation and taking action for cultural tradition in which they were cut, 7-year-old girls.

Jumana Nagarwala is accused of performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on 9 minor girls from Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois. Talking about the charges then this includes anything that is ready for roasting, braising, and chilling during the process.

Let us also tell you that the defense argued and claimed that Nagarwala never harmed any child as the procedure just include scraping not cutting off girls’ genitalia. Talking about the age of Nagarwala then he might fall around her late 30s. So far, his exact date of birth has not been revealed yet.

Along with it, any information did not disclose the accurate details of his married life. Not only this, but the names of his parents also do not unveil. Let us tell you that Nagarwala is an M.D. of Northville, Michigan and he is charged for performing FGM on minor girls.

The entire procedure was performed out of the medical office in Livonia, Michigan. Now, the investigation of the case is going on and he has been arrested for cutting minor girls as part of religious obligations. The incident that happened by him is actually very heartbreaking as he almost killed two 7-years-old girls.


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