The crime rate in New York continues to surge because of another murder that happened on 19th August on Long Island. The victim was identified as Joseph “Taheim” Bryan who was 50 years old. The guy has just lost his life and he was shot by an unknown person who fired at him 7 times.

muder case

The guy was a writer and producer who had recently worked on a film starring Ice-T. After looking at the incident, it is not appearing to happen randomly as the shooter shot him 7 times. In the first 4 shot the accused shot at Brayn when he was sitting in the car.

After the incident happened, he was rushed to the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan but he was confirmed to be dead after he reached the hospital. In the recent month, America reported many gun violence cases but the incident that happened in New York with Bryan was actually concerning.

Many cases have been coming in front in the past month. The police currently investigating the entire case and continuously trying to arrest the accused in the case. Many people all around the country are eager to know the name of the accused who killed Joseph “Taheim” Bryan.

If we talk about Joseph “Taheim” Bryan then he was born and grew up in Queens. Along with it, he also grew up with the height of the drug epidemic in the 1980s. Not only this, but he made a living by selling drugs, which eventually led to his arrest and his stint at Riker’s Island.

Apart from this, he reportedly spent his 20s in Jail but he was able to come to his personality from the realm of drugs and able to make his career in another field. He first job at the mailroom of Loud Records. But Brian managed to take advantage of their relationships and fame and move quickly into the field of music.

Along with it, he also spent his 20 years in the R&B and hip-hop scene but one official website claimed that he was a childhood friend of rapper Nas but any other official confirmation has not been announced yet. According to Ice-T, the murder of Bryan was not random “MFs followed him home and murdered him”. It is still unclear who killed Joseph “Taheim” Bryan.

Currently, the investigation is going on and NYPD investigating the case from all aspects. The police also search his early life to find any connection who want to kill him. Now, we will update here all the information related to the murder and you just need to stay connected with us.


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