Recently, a previous heartbreaking case of Josef Fritzl has come to the fore. He is 86 years old and was jailed for life in Austria in 2008. If we talk about his crimes, he imprison his daughter for 24 years in a basement and he also raped her multiple times. Not only this, but the girl also gave birth to seven of his children.

Josef Fritzl

The crime that he did with his own daughter was very big and he locked her in a soundproof basement beneath the family home in Amstetten, Austria. He was arrested in 2008 when the incident come in front of everyone.

Josef Fritzl Could be Released From Jail

When his sick teenage daughter Kerstin had to take into the hospital, the crimes of Fritzl come to the fore that he did with his daughter for 24 years. After the investigation of his case began, he was found accused for rape his daughter multiple times and he was arrested on 19th March 2009.

Some reports claimed that a psychiatric expert will now decide whether Josef can be released from prison if he passes a psychological test. Let us also tell you that he is currently serving a life sentence and is eligible for early release in 2024.

As of now, he already served his 15 years of life imprisonment. If he passes the psychological test and walks free, he will have to spend less time in captivity than his daughter. The Regional Court of Krems in Lower Austria determined to transfer Fritzl from a special unit to a normal prison for the criminally insane in the Krems-Stein prison.

This shift will help Fritzl to apply for an early release from prison. The public prosecutor’s office opposed the shift and appealed the decision immediately. Now, Higher Regional Court has designated an expert to decide Fritzl’s psychiatric and neurological condition.

If experts notice any oddities, Fritzl will stay in prison and will not be eligible to ask for an earlier release. Talking about the official statement of Ferdinand Schuster, Vice President of Krems Regional Court, he said that the opinion of the expert is expected to come by the end of January.

He also said that Fritzl is likely to receive a positive testimonial on his mental health and that the judges have let him walk free. Now, the case is high profile as whatever Josef Fritzl did with his daughter is actually heartwrenching and everyone who knows about him just wants to make him pay for his crimes.


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