Who Is Jonathan Patterson? South Carolina Man Arrested For School Shooting Threats: On Friday, a South Carolina man is charged with threatening violence and acts of violence. From 18 April to 30 May, a man had been sending around 50 emails and fax messages. These messages were containing the threats to around 26 individuals with 17 different phone numbers. Jonathan Trent Patterson, who is around 22 years old, committed to threatening the school authorities of Wren Middle School, Wren High School, and Concrete Primary in Anderson School District. Jonathan Trent Patterson is from South Carolina, from the U.S. All the evidence is sent to the court. One of the evidence, a fax sent to Belton Honea Path High School on 18 April said, “I am shooting up the school soon.”

Who Is Jonathan Patterson South Carolina Man Arrested For School Shooting Threats Says US Authorities


Just after the next day, an employee of Anderson District 2 also received an email claiming to shoot the school by imprecating. The case has been filed against Jonathan Trent Patterson in federal court, who had claimed to shoot the school and used anathema against the school. Who Is Jonathan Patterson? South Carolina Man Arrested For School Shooting Threats

Belton Man Arrested For School Shooting Threats: Who Is He?

In the investigation of the case, the FBI and Anderson County Sheriff’s authority was involved too, with the assistance prosecution of Everett E. McMillian and U.S. Attorneys Max Cauthen. In this case, Jonathan Trent Patterson is proven guilty.

Anderson School principal shared that everyone in the Upstate knows that they did not know of any physical harm that could result those threats. The one who committed to do that is in custody and now there is no danger to the community. And whenever there is any violence and acts of violence the office investigates firmly. Especially when there is any threaten or any kind of harm against the school, which are all proven. The principal of the school also said that, the case needs a team to outlook. Principal thanked the partners at the FBI and Sheriff Chad McBride and the entire school.

In a statement, the First Assistant United State Attorney Lance Crick said that, Anderson County which is Sheriff’s Office involved in the investigation and worked closely with the FBI, which helped the FBI to get a quick response and to avoid a tragedy that could harm many people.

On 31 May 2022, the school students walked out and participated in a protest at Los Angeles City Hall by castigating the fear of gun violence.

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