There are lots of activities come in front of everyone in which some people killed others. Recently, a rapper name has been trending the internet named Young Dolph who got shot by the two gunmen. Let us tell you that the incident of his death took place in the middle of November 2021.

jojo splatt arrested

Later, his murder becomes one of the most controversial cases in which another rapper Jojo Splatt comes to the fore as the main suspect. As all of us know that the gang war among rappers has been increasing for some time and the police are also investigating several cases in which one rapper killed another one.

Who is Jojo Splatt?

Talking about Jojo, he is a rising rapper who released numerous songs. But, he only comes to the fore when he finds as the accused in the murder case. After he went live on the social media account, people started suspecting Splatt.

Along with it, police officers are additionally probing the murder case. So, the death of Young Dolph becomes the reason for Jojo Splatt to end his career after becoming the prime suspect in his murder case. As he initially started his career and got much attention from the audience for his talent.

The murder of Young Dolph become one of the mysterious cases for the police as they continue investigating the case. Now, they find a prime suspect who is also a rapper named Jojo Splatt. The real name of Jojo Splatt is Justin Johnson.

Why Was Jojo Splatt Arrested?

The officials believed that Jojo shot the late rapper Young Dolph on 17th November 2021. When police release video footage of the suspect, Jojo is suspected of killing Young Dolph. On the recording, two armed men chased the late rapper. Apart from this, still police officers did not release the official notice to arrest Jojo Splatt.

According to some reputed sources, a boy named Justin Johnson is confronting allegations of shooting Young Dolph. Presently, he is a wanted individual in the murder of the late rapper. Talking about Jojo Splatt, he was born on 25th October 1994 and he is 27 years old as of now.

So far, any information related to his personal life has not been revealed yet but we will update every information if we get any. The murder case of Young Dolph is still under investigation and officials are continuously searching to know some key details regarding this mysterious case.


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