Who Is Joanne Albanese Las Vegas and Where Is John Patrick Addis Now?: A murder happened which shocked the people after the police discovered the truth. A woman who was just 39 years old was killed by her lover and the truth behind this story came when the remaining bones of her body were found near the car. A mother of two teenagers fell in love with a gym trainer and got disappeared on the first day. Later the dead body of her lover and his family were found in the room. If you are wondering what we are talking about so don’t worry we have mentioned the details about this horrific incident which is a bit confusing. So, let’s have a look. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Joanne Albanese

Who Is Joanne Albanese?

She was just 39 years old and she had two daughters from her previous marriage with Tom who was her teenage love they promised each other to live together and married but things didn’t work and they divorced in 1991. After that, she met her gym trainer named John Patrick and started dating each other and things don’t work good so she decide to break up with him and that was the last day she decide to break up with him she got disappeared from her home.

When her daughter came home after spending the weekend at their dad’s house they thought their mother is out on vacation but after three days they didn’t get any call from her so they registered a missing complaint but later her body was found in 1998 near the car by a hunter. The daughter also didn’t see John he became the suspect that he killed their mother. Police did their investigation and found that he was married and had two children and he hide this from Joanne and when she came to know about the truth he killed her.

Where Is John Patrick & His Family?

Police find that John Patrick died after having a heart attack and officers believed that he took his own life and his body was found in a hotel in Guatemala. After killing Joanne he used a different name and started living in Mexico with his family he took them to the same hotel which is in Guatemala city and killed his family it came to know that his wife named laura Padilla and his two daughters were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. Joanne was again caught in a wrong relationship and ended up giving up her life. May Joanne Rest In Peace.


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