It appears that anything can become a viral trend on social media. Basically, games are one of the most loving things for children around the world and Minecraft is also a popular game in the world among players who love to play this game and streams online as well. Even, kids love to play this game for an interest. Unfortunately, a Twitter page is grabbing the massive attention of the people around the world where the page user is sharing the explicit content video on its page which is an animated Minecraft explicit video.

viral video

We can say that it is kind of a Minecraft animated p#rn on this page. The page has grabbed the attention of millions of people around the world and those who are reporting about this page are visiting to watch every single video of the page and want to know who is the creator of this video? Let us tell you that the video is circulating on the Internet which the username “Jerrythemouse” and everyone is rapidly searching for this to know what actually happened and which kind of videos is available on the page?

Who is Jerrythemouse59?

With this username, the video is also circulating with the username @jerrythemouse 39 and the Twitter account consists lots of uncounted videos of Minecraft. The video on the account was posted just before 19 hours while writing this article. Those who want to watch this video can visit the page and watch the entire video as well. Well, this is totally a NSFW content that can be deleted soon on social media and maybe, the watchers will not to watch the video soon.

Along with this, another username baldkio is also circulating which also consists of the same videos but the account is now disabled due to its explicit content and soon, the @jerrythemouse39 page will be also removed from social media because of its content. Here are lots of p#orn videos of Minecraft. Mostly, the account handlers share the GIF videos with their viewers and if we talk about the normal videos so, those videos have grabbed more than 100K viewers audience around the world.

Video Roblox for FREE leaked

The bio of the account reads,” Do not scroll down if you are under 18, I swear to god that this cursed bluebird app is full of minors, also everything goes to @devixxll”. The account was created in June 2021 and since then, the user has been sharing this explicit content with the followers. Many have watched this content and many are trying to visit the account.


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