Here is a picture of a gurl standing at their father’s coffin and smiling with praying hands. Yes along with it, she has worn a black dress with stockings. The picture was shared by her on Monday. We are talking about the Miami TikToker and Instagram influencer Jayne Rivera posted a series of photos on Instagram in which she appeared to be smirking standing in front of her father’s coffin as we said already.

Jayne Rivera Photos and Video

The picture was getting viral overall on social media platforms and even people were curious to know that why she is smiling in the picture because her father died. So far the picture has been liked by more than 12,000 people and shared many times on social media by different accounts.

Who is Jayne Rivera?

She has more than 307300 followers on her TikTok. While on the other side she has more than 84,000 thousand followers on her Instagram account. Her father was passed away just few hours ago when the picture was clicked. She has only one account also where she frequently shared video on teh platform for her fans.

After when she shared the picture on her account there were many people who commented below the post. Many people commented that it is so mean and how she click this picture at this sad moment when she lost her father. While some people call her “despicable” and “pathological.”

Her account has since been deleted.”Funeral photo shoot? Yes,” one wrote.”Shit is just mean and very disgusting,” another commented. In the picture she is standing in front of her father’s open coffin in a fitted black dress and stockings Posing with an American flag hanging from the coffin.

Instagram Influencer Jayne Rivera Photo and Video Viral

if you are looking for the death reason then we want to tell you that we are also looking for the death cause and as per our research the death reason of her father is not yet revealed officially. We will add the information soon when it comes to our knowledge. Possibly she will share the details with her fans on social media. You will get the remaining information later in a few moments so stay get in touch with us. You can bookmark the website.


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