Many reports have been surfing on social media regarding several controversies on the Internet and recently, a name has been revolving all over the social media pages. A 9-years-old girl named Jayla has been arrested by the New York Police Department and since yesterday, the name of a girl is revolving on several social media pages which is creating a large controversy. Along with the child, five more people were also arrested who were entering the Museum of Natural History in America. So, let’s check out the reports behind this arrest of a 9-years-old girl.

According to the sources, a girl and five others with her were failed to display their vaccinations passports. Just because of this, the rumors are surfing on social media that a group of anti-vaccine mandate and anti-vax passport demonstrators were arrested by New York Police Department in NYC’s Museum of Natural History. It was also believed that a 9-years-old and other people pleaded for her release but police refused them to release her suddenly.

As a result, they all were apprehended by police. After this arrest, many people started to talk about the girl and search for her.

Who Was Jayla Arrested for?

Netizens are keen to know about her and the other five demonstrators who were apprehended by NYPD including a 9-years-old girl named Jayla. Someone tweeted,” NYPD arrested a 9-years-old child in NYC because she didn’t have a vax card in a museum. We are destroying lives. This has to stop!” along with this video in which, Jayla was carried by police officers.

In the video, she can be easily seen embracing her friend Julie, who is a wheelchair-bound activist apprehended earlier this week for trying to have supper at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant.

Why 9-Years-Old Jayla Arrested?

As per the sources, the group of people had a reservation at the Museum and at the door, security rejected to let them in sans a vaccine passport. The reports are also believing that the people started to argue with the securities. Along with this, some of the reports were believing that Joy is one of the brave freedom warriors among them who rejected access to the restroom because she lacked. While Mitch was another brave member of the group who was forced to urinate in a bottle.

When police reached to the station along with the child and the members including Jayla’s mother. Jayla was bailed at the station while her mother was taken to another car and all these happened in an American History Museum.



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