A woman has been arrested in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to the sources, a woman named Jayana Tanae Webb has become a topic on the Internet after her arrest was made and she was slapped with numerous charges. Jayana was arrested on March 22, 2022, after crashing the two state troopers and a pedestrian. According to the sources, Webb was drunk and ran over Troopers Martin Mack and Branden Sisca, who were helping a 28-years-old Reyes Rivera Oliveras to cross the I-95 in Philadelphia the day before. Sadly, all three died in this tragic accident after they were hit by Webb, who was also pulled over moment by two cops on suspicion of DUI.

who is jayana tanae webb

There were lots of incidents that have occurred and many troopers lost their lives while on duty, several of whom have lost their lives to drunk drivers. If we talk about an incident that happened in April 2021, an officer from NYPD was killed after being hit by Jessica Beauvais. Anastasios Tsako was the name of the officer who lost his life. On the other side, heroic Florida trooper named Toni Schuck crashed her SUV into a drunk driver on March 10, 2022, to save the lives of 7000 runners. In this incident, Schuck survived.

Woman Charged in DUI Crash

Now, the NYPD and communities are mourning the loss of their brave cops, Mack and Sisca. Another side, Webb is facing a series of charges that could see herself behind the bars for a very long time. As per the sources, she was arrested with 18 charges and three more counts of third-degree murder for murdering of two troopers and Oliveras. Many people want to know about Jayana Tanae Webb?

According to the reports, Jayana Tanae Webb is a 21-years-old at the center of the accident. She is a resident of Eagleville, and calling the women’s correction center home, after being slapped with 18 charges. Maybe, Webb doesn’t active on Instagram and LinkedIn account, so, we don’t have much information about her personal life and living. Another side, Webb has her active Twitter account where she frequently posts some random thoughts of her.

Who Is Jayana Tanae Webb?

On January 15, 2022, she tweeted,” If you ask me, I’m the best-drunk driver ever”. On her Twitter page, she has more than 3K followers since she created her account in 2013. Now, Webb is creating headlines after she was arrested. She is not facing three counts of third-degree murder. More updates will be updated soon.


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