Another saddest news hit the internet and many people upset after hearing the news. Yes, we are talking about the sudden loss of Nikki Tamboli’s brother Jatin Tamboli. The confirmed news stated that he was suffering from COVID-19 and not able to overcome the disease. As all of us know that Nikki Tamboli is a very famous actress who got the peak of fame when she participates in the reality show named Bigg Boss. Everyone knows that the real gaming show is very famous and many people got a huge prominence after appearing in the reality show.

Nikki Tamboli's Brother Dies Due To COVID-19

To announce the saddest news Nikki took to Instagram and shared the picture of her brother. Also, she wrote a very heart-breaking caption and said “We didn’t know that this morning God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly In death, we do the same It broke our heart to lose you You didn’t go alone For part of us we went with you The day God called you home You left us beautiful memories Your love is still our guide And though we cannot see you You are always by our side Our family chain is broken And nothing seems the same But as God calls us one by one The chain will link again (sic)”.

After the news hit the internet then her fans mourn over the death of her brother. The comment section of the post that she shared on Instagram become full of soulful messages and tributes. Also, she shared a story 20 days back and urged people to help her because her brother had many health issues who suffering from COVID-19 in the hospital. Now, her brother took his last breath and his soul leaves his body. Our condolences to her brother and may his soul rest in peace. Nikki Tamboli was a former contestant of Bigg Boss 14 and she also shared a picture of Puja in which she prayed for her brother’s well-being.

She is sitting in front and the havan is going on and many people blessed for her brother. Nikki Tamboli suffering from a very heavy loss and also her family going through a very deep feeling of sorrow. Many reputed and prominent personalities are paid a very soulful tribute to her brother. Jatin Tamboli was only 29 years old and now he is no more and clearly shows that the family lost a very strong pillar of their family. For further updates stay on the same page and collect all the data that you want to know about the current topic.


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