Here we are sharing with you about Jasmine Martinez, Miami-Dade police announced three people in connection to the shooting because they have killed Le’Shonte Jones who was 24 years old in broad daylight on 3 May 2021.

Who is Jasmine Martinez details

Sadly the person behind the shooting was a woman who used money from pandemic relief funds loan to hire a hitman to kill jones, who was working at Miami InternationalAirpot, police have announced on 16 February 2022.

Who is Jasmine Martinez?

But we saw some shocking uses of relief funds, they have been beginning to be handed out by the federal government since 2020 in September 2021, rapper Mo Fayne was using PPP funds to repay his debts in April. pastor Rudolph Brooks Jr. was using funds to purchase 39 cars, Here we have more information to share with you. David Hines also from Miami-Dade used PPP funds to buy a Lamborghini.

All the loans out under the PPP may be fraudulent, in many case people uses their funds to pay off debts like Fayne or simply enrich themselves, Martinez had Priorities and used the funds to go to Jones.

Martinez has her own beauty salon she is the sole owner and employee she was able to get a $15,000 loan under the Coronavirus Aid, and economic security Act, she has spent  $10,000 to hire 29 years old Javon Carter to shoot Jones now it is not clear now that Martinez owner of the salon, according to her history she has violence and criminal record.

police said Martinez and Jones, who work as TSA employees at Miami International Airport, it has a long-running fight since 2016. Martinez was arrested the first year for striking Jones, the victim testifying in a case against Martinez,s boyfriend, Martines has arrested in 2018 for allegedly beating up jones again, Jones was attacked in the courthouse parking lot by two men, Which concluded with the murder of the young mother in May 2021, the plan was hatched in jail on phone calls records they used as key evidence.

Nelson has not been accused of taking part in jones murder, but she tells him she was ready to go to kill on 30 April 2021, she had taken a loan from the federal government after two weeks Canter runs up to Jones on the street and shorts her, as well as Jones 3 years old daughter. she conspired to kill Jones with the help of Rommel Robinson when she was also in a romantic relationship. now they all are facing charges of murder, Miami Dade stays Attorney’s office plans to seek grand jury indictments for the first murder it means all three faces possible death if it’s convicted . Martinez’s lawyer has rebuffed the claims saying his client “has always denied any involvement in this tragedy.”


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