Who Is Jamie Raskin During Jan 6 Testimony? Reporter Expression Drama explained: On 12 July, the hearing of the January 6 U.S. capitol riot covered the news for one person who was sitting behind Jamie Raskin. The person sitting behind Jamie Raskin has covered the media attention by his acts during the testimony. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Jamie Raskin

Who Is Jamie Raskin During Jan 6 Testimony?

There have been a lot of questions by citizens, who wish to know more about the person who was seen to be sitting behind Jamie Raskin during the hearing on 12 July. While Jamie Raskin was speaking in the testimony, netizens caught a strange man standing behind him, and since then netizens are speculating a lot of things about the mysterious man.

What did the video show about the mysterious man?

As it can be seen in the video of the testimony, the mysterious man gives some kind of expression, and that was where the netizens started to notice the person. However, there is not any kind of clarity by anyone telling the exact meaning of the man giving such expressions. There have been a lot of speculations about the man on social media platforms.

What are the netizens claiming about the mysterious man?

According to some netizens, during the testimony of Tuesday, 12 July testimony of the 6th January the United States capitol riots one man behind Jamie Raskin was giving some strange kind of expressions, and that seemed to be like he was trying to say something to another person. However, it is still not clear what the mysterious man was saying and to whom he was giving those expressions. The mysterious man has become a topic to be discussed on the internet and social media platforms.

What happened during the testimony on 12 July?

In the testimony that was held on Tuesday, July 12, Jamie Raskin spoke about the findings of the investigation of the groups that participated in the violence. Later, after the testimony, some netizens started to trend Jamie Raskin by calling him a loyal politician in politics.

During the testimony, Jamie Raskin announced that on 19 December, Meggs was talking with the leader of Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio. Jamie Raskin presented the texts of a discussion that claimed the Proud Boys was founded on the 20th of December and with some information for the operation for the violence of January 6. The National security adviser of former President Trump, Michael Flynn got caught with the Oath Keepers figures out of the city.


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