A missing report of a woman is surfing on the Internet who has been missing from August 10, 2021, as per the family reports. The news went viral over the Internet and everyone is appealing for help. Since the news went viral on the Internet, many rumors also creating much misunderstanding. Some are suggesting that she has died or some are still searching for her. Now, let’s move to the official report of this missing case, and what is the reallity behind this incident?

who is jade jeyaratnam

As per the reports, Jade’s missing news has gone viral all over the Internet, and the reports claim that she is a 36-year-old young woman who has been missing since yesterday. Now, let’s move towards more information about the woman and who is she? What is the reason behind this?

Who is Jade Jeyaratnam?

Jade Jeyaratnam is a 36-years-old lady and the mother of three children. She is a resident of Sydney’s North West. According to the sources, she was last seen after leaving the appointment at Riverstone, around 2:30 PM Yesterday (Tuesday, August 10, 2021), and since then, she is missing. While the missing report was lodged for Jade to the Riverstone Police Station.

As per the reports, Jade Jeyaratnam was driving a black Holden Captiva with the registration number of New South, CYMO3E. Her family members told that she is 175cm tall and has long dark brown hair and wearing a T-Shirt with dark-colored tight joggers when she went for the appointment. Now, the investigation has been started by police and they are trying to track her car by surveillance cameras. some netizens are claiming that she is found by the police in the Hornsby area on the morning of August 11, 221 around 10 AM.

Well, her pictures including gestures are being shared on the Internet so, it could help her family and police to find her as soon as possible. In recent times, we got to see and hear several missing news that even the locals say that such accidents have reported before and many people have been found dead.

Many surveillance cameras have been analyzed and it seems that she was captured by the camera when she was driving her car. The police and authorities appeal to everyone that if anyone gets any kind of information about Jade so please, contact the Riverstone Police through this number (1800 333 000). You can share Jade’s information on the Internet and can help her family and police as well. After losing her, Jade’s family is not well and they are trying to find her as soon as possible.


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