There are lots of controversies appearing on the internet in which most of the celebrities got huge prominent from the audience. Recently, Yale’s Transgender swimmer stole the show from Ivy League opponent Lia Thomas. Now, it become a controversy where thousands of people are waiting to know the complete event that happened.

Who Is Iszac Henig Transgender Swimmer

Let us tell you that, he wants to continue his undergraduate career on the women’s team, he postponed his transition from female to male. If you want to know more about Iszac Henig, a Yale transgender swimmer, he secured victory in the 100-yard freestyle stole the show from Lia Thomas.

Who Is Iszac Henig Transgender Swimmer?

Now, controversy has been created on this matter and many people talking about the victory of Lia Thomas who previously won the 200-yard and 500-yard freestyle. Let us also tell you that Henig has been a member of Yale’s women’s team and he chose to postpone his hormone transition because this allows him to stay on the team with other female members.

Let us also tell you that he came out to his coaches and teammates in April 2021. Later, he also shared his story to some big news channels that said coming out as a transgender is not easy for him because he wants to be an athlete.

One is that he may start to change his hormones more to himself, or he may wait, transition socially, and resume contesting on the women’s swim team. He chose the option. Later, he turned happy for his contribution to the team and understand that his masculinity isn’t dependant on whether or not he has more testosterone in his blood.

Normally, people are trying to search for some more details of this fabulous and talented player just because he is transgender. Now, he become the hot topic for millions who constantly talking about him.

If you also want to know some more details of the issue that surfaced on the internet then we are explaining the complete details here. The issue came to the fore when University of Pennsylvania senior Lia Thomas set new records in elite performances in the 200- and 500-yard freestyle and 1650 freestyle.

Now, if you want some more updates regarding the same. At age 20, Iszac Henig defeated 22-year-old Lia Thomas in the 100-yard freestyle. So, stay connected to us and get all the trending news on time.


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