One of the most trending and prominent actors Emraan Hashmi appeared in the brand new song named “Lut Gaye” create a sensation. The song collects lots of applause from critics and viewers in which the story shows the real-life incident of a police officer named Vijay Dandekar. Along with Emraan, Yukti Thakreja also shows her outstanding performance in the female lead of the song. The song becomes more viral because the story covers an incident that happened earlier 90s in which a bride lost her life. The song becomes very popular like other songs because Jubin Nautiyal sung the song with his soulful voice.

Vijay Dhankar

Now, everyone knows about the most genuine personality who shows his bravery in real life just because of the song “Lut Gaye”. Vijay Dandekar is the police officer whose role played by Emraan Hashmi is one of the most trending songs of Jubin Nautiyal. The massive hit song depicting the story of Vijay Dandekar set back in 1991. He was also awarded as the dreaded encounter specialist of all time because he kills the three accused who kill the bride. The entire information also mentioned at the end of the song and everyone who knows about it loves the way the makers describe the entire story.

From the beginning of the song, the real story of Inspector Vijay Dandekar shown by the makers in which Emraan Hashmi portrays the role very well. The song inspired by the true story in which 3 encounters by Vijay Dandekar. The inspector honored and became the most dreaded encounter soldier of the Mumbai Police. On the other hand, Yukti Thakreja also played a very genuine role in the character of the song. It is very hard to find the difference between reality or reel. Now, many people are searching for the real incident and we will provide you the actual information about the incident.

The actual incident happened in 1991 in which a bride lost her life in an encounter. The incident occurred on 16 November 1991, the bride escaped from her marriage with Vijay Dandekar. The story that we saw in the song start with Vijay who enters the hotel hiding from the goons. Emraan enters the room of the bride but she was crying because she didn’t want to married to his groom. After she treats Emraan’s wounds to give him the perfect cure. Later, Emraan joins her marriage but the bride escaped with the help of Emraan Hashmi.

They both stayed at the Mumbai Police Library at night but suddenly, three assassinates attack them and shot the bride. When the assassinates attack them then they shot first the bride, after that Emraan who holds the pistol on hands shot all three attackers very brutally from being an undercover cop. The bride lost her life in the arms of Emraan and when the incident comes into the highlights then Emraan awarded the most dangerous encounter officer in Mumbai. After the end of the entire song, the makers also mentioned the information related to the encounter and mention that Vijay Dandekar never gets married in his life. So, stick with us to get more information related to the current topics.



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