About Ibrahim Sadr, a revised 2006 declassified document from the US Defense Intelligence Agency said, “Originally from Kandahar province, he is living in Charsada, in Pakistan’s Peshawar, controlling Taliban fighters in the area”. Not only this but the documents also direct the Taliban members to attack in Afghanistan forces.

Who is Ibrahim Sadr

Along with it, the documents also stated that Ibrahim Sadr was also responsible for engaging and paying monthly wages to Taliban leaders. Currently, those leaders are involved in anti-coalition attacks in Afghanistan. In North-eastern Afghanistan, he controlled and directed Taliban fighters as per the documents from the US Defense Intelligence Agency.

Who is Ibrahim Sadr?

The Taliban commander has been appointed as Afghanistan’s acting interior minister after the country’s swift takeover to deliver a message on the way forward for the Taliban. Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Vice President Amrullah Saleh have called for a decisive fight against the Taliban.

But the move could additionally be a plan to pacify Sadr after taking Taliban forces to an almost victorious position in Afghanistan as he handed over his position to Mullah Muhammad Yaqoob, the son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar. Ibrahim Sadr has been with the Taliban since the rise of the Taliban in 1994.

Before he joined the Taliban, he was involved in the Mujahideen battle against the Soviet troops. Sadar belonged to the Alakozai tribe of Afghanistan and his name was Khodaidad. Later, he changed his name to Ibrahim because it is the name of Islam’s prophet.

Taliban-Appointed Afghan Interior Minister

This is not his actual information as it is just based on the rumors like many people stated that he belongs from Helmand province not from Kandahar province. The sources claim that, after the war against the Soviet troops ended, he shifted to Peshawar in Pakistan. Later, he starts teaching in Madrassa where he gets his name Sadr or the title of president.

Let us also tell you that Ibrahim Sadr was given the responsibility to control the entire Taliban’s Defense department. He managed Soviet fighter jets, helicopter gunships, and transport planes after the Taliban’s takeover in 1996. After that, he played a very pivotal role in making the Taliban’s enemies rise in rank.

Here, we already provide some key details of Ibrahim Sadr. We can’t claim that the information is correct but we collect all the data from some reputed sources. Now, we will update here further details as well that everyone wants to know about him.


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