Bengaluru witnessed a horrific incident in which a very reputed company not able to choose the perfect people to deliver the goods. Yes, we are talking about Zomato because recently the behaviour of Zomato boy went viral on social media. The incident happened on 9th March 2021 when a Zomato boy punched women who order some food from the most prominent app Zomato. The police arrest the delivery boy because he breaks the rules and punched a girl for no reason. Otherwise, the police investigating the entire matter because everyone wants to know the actual reason behind the incident.

Who is Hitesha Chandranee

The name of the accused is Kamraj who made the final step of this incident. The girl named Hitesha Chandranee posted a video on social media to show the incident that happened with her. The incident happened on Tuesday when the girl orders some food from Zomato App but the delivery was not ordered to her on time. When the time goes on then she calls the delivery boy for her order. The delivery was delayed by the delivery boy that causes an argument between the girl and the boy. The boy also verbally abused the girl and punched her that caused a fracture in her nasal bone.

In the video shared by Hitesha Chandranee, she describing the entire matter in which her nose also appearing in the video with blood. Around 3.20 PM she orders some food from Zomato but even after an hour, she didn’t receive the order. She contacts the support team to cancel her order or provide a refund. When she took the customer service then the Zomato boy arrived at her house. She took the order and told him to wait but he started abusing, she claimed that.

The girl said that “He started screaming at me, saying ‘Am I a slave or what? You are asking me to wait here.’ It was really threatening for me. I tried to shut my door but he pushed the door, took my order from the table by entering my home, punched me in my face, and ran away”. Now, the girl is suffering from a nasal bone fracture. After the video hit the internet then it went viral in a very short time. Many people supporting the girl because they think that the Zomato boy was wrong. The police are investigating the entire matter and trying to find out the truth behind the incident. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the current topics.


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