One of the most prominent and popular Business Tycoon Harsh Goenka always shares many brilliant messages to his all the followers. Now, again he is trending on Twitter because of just a tweet that he shared with his all followers. A very genuine tweet share some vital life lessons to all the people who follow him. After Harsh Goenka posts the tweet then his followers share his tweet among their followers and the tweet went viral on social media.

Who is Harsh Goenka

He already well-known for posting motivational posts and his entire Twitter account is full of catalyst posts. All the followers who following him are very happy because he always sharing something very interesting. The motive of sharing small and simple messages to encourage all the people who quit their tryings to do anything in their life because of facing failure. Recently, he shared a video in which he showing a very beautiful message that got a very huge number of likes and shares. He shared the video on his official Twitter account where his all followers shared the messages with everyone.

If we talk about the tweet then it shows the “Story of Life”. Also, it is the caption of the tweet shared by Harsh Goenka. He shared an animated video of a flipbook in which he trying to show the person’s entire life. We can see a person who born and living his life by holding a balloon in his hand. With time, the ballon converts into the sun in which we can see the clock showing the time are going on. When the kid grew up then he runs towards the money and collecting all the money that comes flies from the front of the person.

When the video started then it shows “Life”. In short, Harsh Goenka trying to say that everyone on the Earth only running towards money and it is the very worst end of everyone’s life. All the people get money but they did not able to buy their dreams and life goals. All the people who only run for money will very soon get an end which is not acceptable by the person also. The video gets 38K views and almost 4,000 likes. Because of lots of shares, the video went viral on social media and another Twitter Trend highlights a very genuine message by Harsh Goenka. So, stay connected with us to know more interesting and amazing updates related to the current topics.


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