Social media is the platform where we can see and analyze anything across the world. Netizens love to watch videos, pictures, and reels around the world and now, it has become a vast platform on the Internet where everyone is involved. Recently, a man has been trending all over social media including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The unknown man has become a topic in the recent days and people are searching for him who is going viral by “Urine Man”. According to the sources, a 34-years-old man in England, who is known for drinking his own urine daily become popular on social media nowadays.

Who Is Harry Matadeen

As per the sources, the man claims that it bizarre practice has “cured” him on his depression and made him look 10 years younger as well. According to the post made by New York Post,” Harry Matadeen from Hampshire began to drink his own urine in 2016 because he was desperate to heal his own mental health issues. He also revealed after began his urine therapy, he felt a new sense of peace, including calmness and determination, following which he became an advocate for drinking your own urine.

Who Is Harry Matadeen?

Harry Matadeen told Jam Press,” It was beyond my wildest imaginations how powerful it was when I drank it. From the moment I drank the urine, it woke up my brain and removed my depression. I felt a new sense of peace, calm, and determination. I thought, Wow, I can make it for free and always keep myself in this happy state”. After his pictures started to go viral on social media, he gained a huge fan following and attention from people across the world.

He also stated that aged urine is mostly smelly and the taste of it is a “refined and acquired one”. Maybe, Harry likes the smell and taste of his aged urine because of its benefits and joy that brings him after he takes it into his system. Along with this, he also revealed that he just doesn’t drink his urine but it also manages it into his face as a moisturizer. Harry’s few pictures and videos are still circulating on social media which is shocking several social media users across the world.

England’s Man Drinks his Own Urine Daily to Cure Depression

Well, he told that his family never approved of his disgusting habit and his sister even cases communicating with him. Maybe, he doesn’t have people close to him for those he can event count for himself to support.


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