Today, we are going to talk about a Missouri man who was killed by his girlfriend Brittany Wilson. There are no less than superstitious people in the world who thought that ghosts possess the bodies of their dear ones. The name of the boy was Harrison Stephen Foster. Now, it is believed that Harrison and Brittany were also two of them.

Who Was Brittany Wilson Boyfriend Harrison Stephen Foster

As a result, Brittany kills her lover thinking that she has freed him from the entities living inside her lover’s body. The news of the couple went viral on different social media platforms and they both got much attention from the audience.

Brittany Wilson Arrested For Stabbing Her Boyfriend

Now, the girlfriend Brittany has been arrested for killing her boyfriend. Harrison was considered a superstitious person who believed in the superstition that required parts of the human body. Not only this, but Brittany stated that Harrison was also collected diverse human parts of different people.

Now, the girlfriend has been arrested and authorities are investigating the entire case to get the proper results behind the murder of Harrison. There are many people who believe in superstition because of which they do some big activities which are illegal or unfair for them and other people also.

Today, we get a piece of news in which two people who believe in blind faith and they both were in a relationship. As all of us know a couple does some beautiful moments for each other that become unforgettable. But, Brittany killed her boyfriend Harrison after believing in blind faith.

Who Is Harrison Stephen Foster?

First, she get her boyfriend high on methamphetamine and then she stabbed him to death with a sword. The incident has happened on Christmas Eve and the girlfriend has been arrested for killing her boyfriend without any reason.

Brittany was charged in Missouri on the apprehension of slaying her boyfriend with a sword on Christmas Eve after the couple reportedly got high on meth earlier in the day. Let us tell you that some officers from the Cape Girardeau Police Department got a call on Christmas Eve shortly around 11:00 PM. Brittany self-called the police and commit the crime that she killed her boyfriend with a sword.

When the cops were reached her house, they found a sword in the yard and Wilson’s clothes smeared in blood. Now, the investigation is going on and the police department trying to aware people to keep themselves away from superstitious people.


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