Most the people love to read some spicy updates of the popular celebrities and on the other side, many big celebrities are becoming a controversy among the fans. For the last day, a name has been taking place on the Internet due to several reasons. Hannah Tubbs, a 26-years-old lady has become a discussion on the Internet.

Who Is Hannah Tubbs

After her name started to appear on the same pages, everyone got excited to know about her and want to check out the reason behind this. So, let’s find out what will be the reason behind this?

According to the sources, Hannah Tubbs has been pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-years-old girl in Palmdale. Due to this, she might be faced a short stay in Juvenile Hall or can be granted probation at a court hearing this month which blew another sparking round of outrage over Los Angeles County District Atty.

George Gascon’s all-or-nothing criminal justice reform platform. Many netizens are talking about her and if you are also want to know the reality behind this incident so, keep reading this article so, you get more details of the incident.

Who Is Hannah Tubbs?

According to the sources, Hannah Tubbs has been identified as female was two weeks of her 18th birthday when she walked into the restroom of women in Denny’s restaurant. The incident took place in 2014 where she grabbed a 10-years-old girl by the throat and locked her in a stall, as per the prosecutors.

Later, prosecutors added that Tubbs shoved her hand down in the pants of girl and sexually assaulted her. She was stopped when someone else entered the same restroom.

Once again, the lady has been gathering huge attention on the Internet as her case complicated case has drawn increasing frustration from law enforcement officials and politicians.

What Happened in George Gascon? Controversy Explained

Many people want to know the reality behind this and let us tell you that George Gascon is a Los Angele County District Attorney that marked the end of his first year in office. Through a news conference, George said that he was not responsible for rising homicides in the city.

He was flanked by more than a dozen of district attorneys from other states, addressed the media. Gascon is a 67-years-old acknowledged his long career in law enforcement.

Another side, many want to know the name of the victim who was assaulted by Hannah Tubbs but the child information prevention policy doesn’t give the right to disclose the name of the victim.


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