Recently, news of suicide has hit the internet in which a name Haley Gabriella Feldmann has trending all over social media. Let us tell you that the girl commit suicide and the reason behind her death is still under the investigation of the police. The last she was seen alive by her father David Feldmann.

Who Is Haley Gabriella Feldmann’s

She surprised him by suddenly asking him for a hug. David was watching the movies when Haley joined him and they both watch almost three movies together. The moment that they both lived was the last of their togetherness and then he saw his daughter dead.

Who Is Haley Gabriella Feldmann’s?

After the incident, David said “Then I realized it was about 2 in the morning. I said, ‘Oh I better go to bed.’ She was like, ‘Hold on, let me give you a hug.’ And she came over and gave me a big hug and told me, ‘Good night.’ That was it”.

Not only this, but Haley’s mother, Christina who sitting next to her husband and holding his hands says “She’d already made her mind up”. Her parents also claimed that she continuously asks her parents for hugs for the last few weeks of her life.

The next morning, one of her siblings found Haley’s dead body at the home in Beach, North Dakota. Hailey Gabriella Feldman died by suicide on November 12, at the age of 18, six days before her 19th birthday. When the news hit the internet, it went viral and many people start paying tribute to her.

So far, any reason behind her suicide has not been revealed yet but the authorities continue investigating the matter and seeking the result that made a girl commit suicide at such a young age. Later, four members of the family talked in the interview in which Christina, David, and Haley’s siblings Alex and Sam are included.

In the interview, it is clearly appearing that they all are totally devastated and very upset to hear about this heartbreaking news. They all are living their life peacefully and suddenly Haley starts showing some unexpected activities.

She starts hugging her parents very tightly as she is well-prepared to leave them. Her mother has also stated that she’d already made her mind up. The investigation of the case is going on and everyone wants to know the results of this incident in which a girl has lost her life.


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